Gui pi wan-extract acts as a radioprotective agent

1. Department of Pharmacy, Xinxiang Medical University, Xinxiang 453003, China;
2.Institute of Radiation Medicine, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing 100850, China
Received December 31, 2010; accepted April 1, 2011

The radioprotective effects of 6 Gui-Pi-Wan extracts were investigated by examining cell viability and 30-d survival of mice after total-body Co irradiation. Pretreatment with Gui-Pi-Wan precipitate by water extraction and alcohol precipitation (PWA) prior to irradiation resulted in significantly higher cell survival and lower apoptosis rates at 24 h after 5 Gy radiation, and increased 30-d survival in mice after exposure to a potentially lethal dose of 8 Gy. These results collectively indicate that PWA of Gui-Pi-Wan extracts is an effective radioprotective agent.

The increasing use of ionizing radiation in various aspects of human life, especially in cancer radiotherapy, food pre-
servation, agriculture, industry, and power generation, means that there is a need to develop effective and nontoxic radioprotective agents. The currently available agents are associated with many drawbacks, including high cost, side effects and toxicity, and people have therefore started to investigate the anti-radiation properties of natural products. We have isolated a series of active ingredients from natural anti-radiation substances, such as polysaccharides , flavonoids , polyphenols, saponins
, alkaloids, and peptide compounds. Gui Pi Wan[Ren shen gui pi wan] and Gui-Pi-Tang contain the same drugs, but in different dosage forms. The “Ji Sheng Formula” for Gui-Pi-Tang was written by Yonghe Yan in the Song Dynasty, and consists of Astragalusmembranaceus, licorice (broil), ginseng, Angelica, Chinese Atractylodes, wild jujube, Radix aucklandiae, Radix polygalae and dried longan pulp. Yao et al. observed the outcomes in 86 patients with advanced esophageal cancer who were treated with Gui-Pi-Tang combined with concurrent chemoradiation. Gui-Pi Tang reduced the radiotherapy- and chemotherapy- were purchased from the Experimental Animal Center of Xinxiang Medical University. Animals were housed at 10 per cage with ad libitum access to water and food pellets.

Gui-Pi-Wan extracts were used to reduce the required dosage and to enhance drug efficacy. The screening of 6 extracts of the classic Chinese herbal formula Gui-Pi-Wan for anti-radiation activities in this study will form the basis for further screening of components with radioprotective activities.

For details please download the Caj file.Gui Pi Wan extract acts as a radioprotective agent

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