Digitized HPLC fingerprints of Renshen Guipi Wan

DOU Xiao-wcn, SUN Uuo-xiang”(College of Pharmacy,Shemyamg Pharmaceutical University 110016)

Abstract: Objective:To develop a digitized HPLC fingerprint to control the overall quality of Renshen Gui pi Wan(RSGPW)

Methods:Chromatographic fingerprints CCFPs) were obtained on a Centurysil C18 BDS column(200 mm X
9. 6 mm, 5 um) with the gradient elution program(0一80 min, 10%一90 % B; 80一90 min, 90%B) consisting of
0. 1%phosphoric acid solution <A) and 0. 1%phosphoric acid-acctonitrilc solution(B) under 203 nm. The flow rate
was 1. 0 mI.·min-‘ and the column temperature was (35. 0士0. 15)0C.The software of digitized evaluation system for
super-information characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine fingerprint was used to evaluate the CFPs and disclose
the results of attribution ratio in RSUPW.

 Results The CFPs were completely established,in which 2 batches of RS-
UPW were unqualified by the 16 digital indice. identification by systematic quantified fingerprint method indicated that
the quality of 3 batches was the best,that of 2 batches was better, 5 batches was good while 2 batches was inferior.
Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma was the most important crude drug in RSUPW. Conclusion RSUPW digitized
HPLC fingerprints can reflect the variation of RSUPW quality and can control the quality of RSUPW.
Key words; Renshen Uuipi Wan; super information characteristics; digitized HPLC fingerprint;systematic quantified
fingerprint method

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